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welcome to ComicSuperHeroes a group dedicated to the wonderful world of comic book super hero fandom. this group is focusing on the male side of the super hero world meaning you can post any super hero fan art or original art as long as it's male. digital,traditional, and line art are all acceptable.
no anime,female superheroes,nudity or cosplay those catagories have they're own groups. lets just focus on good old fashioned comic book super hero art.
Founded 6 Years ago
Jan 5, 2010


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4,322 Members
4,244 Watchers
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Hello comic artists and fan artists allow me as admin to welcome you to our 3rd year at ComicSuperHeroes. When I started this group 3 years ago on Deviantart they're were no comicbook hero fan art groups at all. I wanted somewhere to display my comic art and to see the art of others so I started this group. I never dreamed we would grow to 3,300 Members and that we would be honored to have such talented and seasoned professionals in our midst. I'm thankful to each and every one of you that take the time to submit they're amazing artwork to the group. :iconkwongbee-arts: is still the only admin for 3 years running I know I've been asked if this group is still active and let me tell you that it is, I've also been asked if I want to share the admin duties but I started this group and I want to try and keep it going myself. I promise you this year I will try to stay up to date on submissions and give your art the time it deserves. Now if you every notice your artwork has expired it can mean one of 2 things either it does not meet the guidelines of the group and instead of refusing it it has been allowed to expire or it means your ole admin has gotten behind and let it expire hopefully the latter will not happen in 2013. so here's wishing everyone goo luck in the coming year and keep those amazing art works coming.

THE MAIN FEATURED FOLDER IS NOW FULL, AND IS CLOSED. As a result i have made a FEATRED PRT 2 folder for all new submissions.iF YOU SUBMIT A PIECE OF ART TO THE MAIN FEATURED FOLDER IT CANNOT BE ADDED TO THE GALLERIES AND WILL EXPIRE. Please submit to Featured Folder 2 Or to one of the other appropriate gallery folders. Also Rember we are a group featuring Male Superheroes, pieces with male and female characters are fine but art with just a female character will expire. Also please remeber the group rules in submitting art NO NUDITY,GORE,OR VERY LIGHT PENCIL DRAWINGS ALLOWED.

ComicSuperHeroes has past the 3 Year mark and have a whopping 3000+. i am as always amazed by the beauty and quality of the work that comes from all of you talented artists every single day. i am very proud of this group because it has become a place where seasoned professionals such as:iconsimonebianchi:
:icondiablo2003: :iconbuchemi::iconjoebenitez: :iconmikemayhew: and extreamly talented artists such as  :iconvest: :icongb2k: :iconandrosm: can display they're art and interact with other atists of all different skill levels and types. here we're all comic artists and friends and i like that feeling of comradery. i hope to see even more wonderful art in the galleries as the months wear on.

thanks again everyone and keep on submitting that great hero artwork.

ITEM #1: i was hoping not to have to put a submissions limit on this group but i have been having some members submit 30 to 40 pieces at one time and that just isn't fair to the other members to have one artists work so entierly dominate the galleries. so please limit your submissions to 5 artworks a day i think this is more then fair, more then 5 pieces and excess works will have to be rejected, lets think of our fellow artists.

ITEM #2:please remember that this is a group featuring "MALE SUPERHEROES" ,we do accept art with male and female characters, and group shots and have folders for those pieces, but if you have art featuring only female characters please do not submit them here, rather submit them to :iconcomicfemales: or :iconcomicvixens:

ITEM #3 please pay attention to where you upload your artwork.
FAVORITES: is for artist who are not members or contributers in the group
GALLERY FOLDERS: are for contributers and members in the group apply at to the right folder please.
Featured2: is for your best work only maybe on or 2 works per member. you may also submit here if you are having trouble submitting to another folder. i'll move it to the appropriate location.

ITEM #4:In the attempt to try to keep the quality of art in the galleries up to certian standards, please do not submit very light sketches or unfinished works. sketches and pencil art are still welcome as long as they have a finished quality to them an are dark enough to be seen.

ITEM #5: we do not accept artwork featuring excessive violence,gore,blood,dismemberment,bondage,or death. images showing heroes being torn apart or dismembered by villans is not welcome here. this group's art is seen by many younger members lets remember, lets keep it clean and professional.

ITEM #6: SHOULD WE BECOME A SUPERGROUP? i checked into it and it cost $60.00 for a one year super membership, now the only way we could swing this is if everyone donated .25 or .50 to the group then we could pool our resources and become super. i would post a talley here on the blog and keep track of how far we need to go like a fund raiser . the only way to do it easily i can see is to post my paypal account link here and have the money sent that way. i swear this is no scam the money would be used for the group.if we get within $15.00 of our goal i'd foot the last $15 myself i really want us to be super heh. but before i even start this i want to see what you guys and ladies think about it. so leave a comment on the blog and tell me what you think? but you might ask what do we get for being a super group? well you get alot of very cool features to make the group very snazzy looking and user friendly like:
Rename social classes
4 Layouts to choose from
Organize your gallery with nested folders
Rename Group tabs
Rename member classes
Customize sidebar widgets
add polls to the group page
Highlight in Groups Directory <- (this one's great it would give us much greater visablity and get us lots of new members hehe)
Skin your blog
Promotional Widgets
ok well this blog went on longer then i expected so i look forward to seeing your contest entries ansd seeing what you think about item's #2 & #3 take care and keep drawing

welcome to ComicSuperHeros a group devoted to the wonderful world of comic book super hero fandom. this group is devoted to the MALE side of the genre meaning that all fan art and original art is acceptable as long as it's male sorry everyone "NO GIRL'S ALLOWED" hehe just like back in school.that means no artwork featuring female heroes only will not be accepted, we do have a catagory for works featuring male and female characters the "heroes and heroiens" folder so submit those works there. hero fan art is welcome from all superhero comic companies from dc and marvel to all independants. digital,traditional,lineart. are all welcome.
female hero's, anime, and cosplay are not allowed being they have they're own groups.NUDITY is also NOT ALLOWED lets keep this a professional looking group. later on we will have contests for the contributer's to take part in and group projects too, for everyone to join in on. i'd like to make the group a fun environment to share art work, have fun, and help eachother out.
updates will be forthcomming so keep you eye's on this space.
now lets have some fun and join up and share.

What Can You Do?

Founder and Admin : for now thats just me

Contributers: are just that they can upload work to the galleries. for now in unlimited supply just keep it to a reasonable level . submissions will be sent to me for final approval this is just a formality really just to make sure what's submitted is in the right catagory and such. this isn't going to be one of those groups where you get rejected alot for no good reason.contributers can also take part in the contests and group art event's we'll be hosting more on those later.and of course contributers can also suggest favorite works for display in the gallery. we all have our favorite comic artists we want to see there.

Members: members are basically observers but have the option to submit fave's to the favorite folder. anyone can be a member you don't have to have anything to do with comics other than being a appreciator of the genre.

How to join
Press the "join the group" button.

How to Submit Art

Press the "gallery" button.

"Then submit to this gallery"

Then choose a dev from your own gallery and pick the approprite folder to place your work this time there's no limit to submissions but try to keep it to a reasonable number as to not overwhealm viewers.

How to Suggest A Fave (not your own art)

Press the "Browse Collection" button

Press the "Suggest A Fave" botton

Then choose a dev from your favourites no limit to how many you can add

If it's the lady's your after this is an amazing group :iconcomicfemales::iconcomicvixens:
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i am now Open for comic   coloring Commissions, our page rates are very normal  and i do  very quality works. if you need a quality work in low price so contact me.
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Wolverine To Appear In Upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse After All?

Recently during a 20th Century Fox presentation at 2015 Comic Con panel, X-Men: Apocalypse director Bryan Singer engaged in a somewhat cryptic conversation with actor Hugh Jackman, who still has not been confirmed for this latest installment. While the conversation certainly didn’t confirm a Wolverine cameo yet, it did . . .

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Hi comic fans,

At the moment the two first pages of Shattered Battleworld is online, giving form by the talented Dutch artist Jorge Costa.
This story takes place after Shattered Terra and is within the Secret Wars Battleworld storyline of Marvel, so we see sheriff Strange, God Doom, several Thors and... Marvel Zombies!
In Shattered Battleworld you meet SG Loki, Spider-Sinster, Norman Osborn and ofcourse... The SG Transformers.
But the story also needs someone who's specialized in drawing Transformers (which are in part 1 and 3).
I'm in need for an artist, or several artists, for part 2 and 3 of the story. Each part has, give or take, 24 pages.

There's no payment!
It's totally voluntary, but it would be great if you can help me.  It helps if you read both Marvel Secret Wars (if not, that no problem. I can help) and Transformers and can draw both.You can already read the start of part one and part two. At the moment I'm writing part 3 on the laptop (it's finished on paper).

Please send me a note or reply if you're interested.

 ;-) (Wink)
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Are there any other admin's in this group? If not you can get some people to be admins since it's taking so long to get a submission approved or disapproved. I can help you if you'd like! 

Let me know if my submission doesn't qualify.    
KwongBee-Arts Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I am the one and only admin and have been since the group was founded i'm sorry for the long wait times I am working on decreasing that
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